Monday, 27 September 2010

... so it begins...

As my first post, here's a short description of me so far and how I came to sit in front of my computer, creating this blog:

Born in Norfolk, raised bilingually French and English, I love learning new languages and working abroad. On leaving school at 18, I went to Chemnitz Technische Universit├Ąt then Universit├Ąt Leipzig as a visiting student from September 2006 to May 2007. I then worked in a pizzeria near Lecce, Italy during the summer, before beginning a Combined Arts degree at Durham University. After completing my first year however, I decided that I had made the wrong decision in studying at Durham, having realised that what I truely wanted to do develop my own fine art, rather than only study that of other people. I chose to retrain as an English as a Foreign Language teacher while I prepared a portfolio to apply for a Foundation course at Byam Shaw school of art. I passed the CELTA teacher-training course and went on to teach full-time in Alcoy, Spain. I also did a part-time sculpture course in Valencia. From Spain I returned to the UK to begin my Foundation course at Byam Shaw school of art, St Martin's. In June I passed this course with a Merit, and I am now beginning a Painting course at Wimbledon College of Art. Since coming to London last year, I was asked by the Sutton House Music Society, based in Hackney, to become their concert artist, a role which I continue to thoroughly enjoy!